Juliana Loomer

Upcoming Digital Art Events 2022

SheNFT, November 2022

Juliana will be showing her digital animations at the first and only female inspired NFT event in Europe and part of Dutch Blockchain Week. 25+ creators from all over the world with a common vision of women empowerment through art and NFT projects. November 26, 2022

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Illuminated Spirits Vol.1

Illuminated Spirits Vol.1

"I can feel a time when the AI create their own “spiritual”... 

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"Step into the world of Juliana Loomer where magic, romanticism, and dark surrealism collide with ubiquitous force and then nurture the enchantment of one another."

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

"With dramatic lighting, sacred symbology, and captivating characters, Juliana's digital paintings pack a powerful sense of fragility. Juxtaposing soft textures with unsettling thoughts, we find her mysterious artworks both haunting and empowering." - Bella Harris

AR Experiences

AR is the next-level art experience. Juliana is working with different tools to build a library of AR art experiences for her viewers. See a few at her pieces on Youtube channel and make sure to subscribe!

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