I will be included in the SheNFT exhibition in November. See here:

“Millions of people have seen my work, they just don’t know it.”

American artist Juliana Loomer, based in the Norwegian Arctic, is using new technology to offer framed artwork that comes to life on the wall with new digital tools. Her newest art collection will be released as NFTs and digital frames to showcase those NFts. The pieces will can also be viewed as AR experiences.

Juliana Loomer has worked as a digital artist in the entertainment industry in California making artwork for films such as Revenge of the Sith, StarWars 30th Anniversary re-releases, Indiana Jones 4 as well as Die Hard 4 and more.
Largely self-taught, at 30 years old, Juliana pursued a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, and experience in the high-expectation world of visual effects, Juliana has developed a painting style that not only fools the eye with the illusion of reality, but also inspires the heart.

Come to see her artworks at SheNFT! 🔗



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