2021 Starting Fresh



2020 was a very interesting year. I started 2020 in the hospital with pneumonia and a need for surgery because of internal bleeding. Before anyone was talking about COVID, I was in a hospital bed listening to my lungs gurgling with my first case of pneumonia, unable to walk very far without collapsing. They gave me flu tests, but that was negative, so my guess is I had COVID. It took a long time to recover from, but eventually I got back to 100%.

After surgery at the hospital, things in my emotional heart started to shift. I had spent a lot of time in the past painting spooky, ghostly subjects (which I still love) but I wanted to think about what message and karma I was putting out into the Universe. If you think about the law of attraction, I was only putting out the message of lost souls. We all love a ghost story, but I didn't want it to be my story.

Most of 2020 I spent the year painting my beauty inspiration of the year: flowers. So much beauty made me feel so whole and happy. Maybe there wasn't as much intrigue as the ghosty paintings, but since I paint what inspires me, the flowers healed me. Personally, healing is more important than being spooky and the take-away for anyone who encounters my artwork I want is beauty.

2020 was also challenging professionally. After my hospital stay in Jan. 2020, my day-job business got shut down because of COVID and I dedicated myself to my art career just in time to have the Norwegian mail system mostly shut down. I found solutions but they are hard solutions (UPS system works great but the nearest drop-off depot is 3 hours away, one way!) Just to mail packages is expensive and time consuming process. Getting print supplies shipped to me takes forever and is subject to customs tolls, taxes etc. It is getting really difficult to do business here.

Norway has become the golden prison. Nowhere on Earth is it more clean and beautiful. Nowhere on Earth is the food supply so healthy. Nowhere on Earth seems so hard and expensive to do business in. Entrepreneurs are really punished here. If you are a worker, everything is taken care of for you, but if you own your own business, nothing is available. We need to look at changes for 2021. 

My son got married this past year in CA, and they will have children in the next years, so it is looking like time to head back to the USofA so we can be closer to grandchildren. My brother has had a baby and I want to spend more time with them. Plus my parents are getting older and it is becoming more important to be a short plane ride away to be available. It takes a long time and money to travel from here to there.

In addition, my husband has dreamed of living in the US since he was young. He grew up reading American cowboy books and has a lot of interest in going to the southern part of the country. At the very least, we will be visiting a lot of the old west. He made so many of my dreams come true, so I think it is time that we make his dreams come true. We are looking at Texas. 

Some would argue that moving back to the US right now is a stupid idea. I see it as more that this is a defining moment in the country's history and we need all hands on deck to get America through. I am ready to be a part of it and throw my voice and energy into manifesting the country I want to be a part of. 

Lastly, I need to get my art production out of this country to save money and speed up fulfilment. So, until we can get to the US on a permanent basis, I am looking into finding some print shops in North America. I will keep you guys updated with all the changes. Please sign up for our mail list so you get updates.

So this is some of what our 2021 will look like. No small list of goals. So many people I know have had their world rocked by 2020 happenings, but maybe this was a good time to clean up the things that were barely working, and time to devote concentrated energy to the things that are still working. Envision the world you want and do your part to manifest it! My humble contribution is to put beautiful positive images into the library of human experience.

Wish us luck at manifesting our goals and have a safe New Year! 2021 can only get better!

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