2022 Big Changes.

2022 Big Changes.

Living isolated on our farm in the mountains was such an amazing experience but a part of us just said, why are we doing this to ourselves. Raising our own food, growing and harvesting wood for fire and cooking was liberating, becoming acquainted with wild Norwegian nature was a bonus. We learned so much in our years there that it really gave me that boost of confidence that no matter what happens, we can find a way.

But this place was isolated in the bad way too. Battling loneliness, living in a village where we were never going to be accepted fully. We had tried for 5 years to rent a commercial space in town, but no one would ever rent to us. The story of how very few in the community accepted us could take a novel, but the point is; we got the message. So we have moved.

Our newest adventures take us to Lofoten, Norway in the Arctic Circle. It isn't as cold as it sounds because the Gulf Stream runs right past where we live so the weather may have some wild windy days, but the temperatures are mild. We found our way to an island outside of Harstad where the people are friendly and welcoming and sea otters play. Talk about natural inspiration.

Here in this paradise we bought a big 200 year old house that I am currently working on to create my new art studio and gallery. There is so much work to do but so much beauty to take in every day out each window of the house we have to pinch ourselves to make sure it is real. Visitors will be amazed by the nature and the colours when they come visit. 

Welcome to the Sea House Gallery starting this summer 2022!

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