Have Faith

Have Faith

I wanted to send a message to everyone and say a huge "Thank You" to everyone who supports my work. July was an amazing month for my business and it is only because you all believe and support my work. 

Things are changing in the world. I have seen a lot of changes here in how infrastructure is working, how people are reacting to these changes and all the fear people are expressing. Stable infrastructures in Norway are really being challenged now and I see reflections of those changes inside myself.

I must admit, I am a bit of a news junkie. I feel chemical reactions in my body when I see all the painful injustice and the seemingly loss of independence we are now experiencing because our governments have no idea what to do. This negative chemical bath affects all organs including the mind and heart. It also affects the energetics around our body and if you believe in the law of attraction, this is terrible for expanding our positivity and abundance. I have had to cut myself off from the news drama to pull myself up out of the fear pit.

Based on seeing the inception of this world change, the transformation I had been putting off internally had to happen immediately. That is why I changed my work and my creative expression to align myself with the outcome I want to see in the world: that is a return to beauty. The 2020 Renaissance is on the way!

I think some of the things we can do to help stabilise ourselves during this transition is to start journaling, start making affirmations, start creating and start focusing inward to improve ourselves.

I started journaling again after 20 years! I noticed how when I was in my 20's, times of chaos were terrifying and overwhelming. But at this time during the COVID chaos, I feel more as if I am watching from afar. I feel more stable in myself because I knew that a huge transition was coming, but I just didn't know HOW it would come.

All of this has awakened in me a surprising spontaneous new faith in a gnostic/christian spiritual view. There is power there that I have actually never explored (though I went to Catholic school) and I am starting to do so now. The interest in light beings or angels and saints are really holding my attention right now: As some would call them beings of Christos energy. The interest in original Christianity through Aramaic traditions has really been adding a positive quality to my life experience right now.

Finally, this month, I am really missing my American culture and family. With the incredible mix of diverse beliefs, colours and tastes America can not be replicated anywhere. Scandinavian life is beautiful, in landscape and its traditions, but it is very homogeneous and with the resistance here to change, it is starting to feel very limiting. But that's ok. All cultures have pros and cons. The cons are starting to add up a little now.

I also have my attention on Egypt as I now have some friends there and I long to visit and feel myself in their world. The flowering of creativity and the support of artistic expression is so exciting to see.

So, even more changes will be coming in the next year. If you can align your heart to faith, the coming months and years will be a great adventure. And any opportunity to surround yourself with beauty and positivity, take it!

Wishing you blessings and beauty!

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