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Had my first personal UFO experience the other night. I wanted to share.

We live in a place with zero light pollution so it is easy to see the Milky Way clouds and satellites are very bright and conspicuous. Two nights ago I was sitting out after a long day painting to enjoy the night air. I saw a dim light come up over the mountains across from us. No big deal. Satellite or airplane light is common. But this had no blinking lights on it as regulated by aviation authorities. Then it stopped. When it stopped it got suddenly very bright. And for 10 minutes it stayed in the same position and same brightness. Then it shot off at light speed straight up. Gone. I thought. “Wow how cool!” So instinctually, I sent a mental message to it to say “hope we can be friends.” About 5 minutes later, a bright light blinked on high high above my head. Like a star turned on in the heavens right above me. I looked up and said “Hi again!” Suddenly a light beam shined down on me for no longer than a second and then the light blinked out. The light beam was so unusual because it wasn’t like a flashlight that also illuminates the areas near the beam. It was all darkness except for the beam. And then it was gone. It left me feeling like they were saying “Hi” back to me. It felt friendly and playful. But a few minutes later, after the realization of what happened sunk in, I got freaked out and took the dogs inside. 😂😂😂 It was, in reality, a nice communication.

I share this to share the message that we are not alone. Regardless if you interpret these experiences through a religious lense or through a psychological lense, the message is there are conscious, positive entities out there looking over us. Try to remember that when you are feeling alone. 🚀👽 #ufo #contact #StarFriends #5thkind #ce5


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