New Print Release July 2020

New Print Release July 2020

In January I got sick. We generally knew what was wrong, but I ended up bleeding slowly for 52 days before I finally got surgery. 🩸

I had a Facebook friend contact me (without knowing I was sick) and she asked me if I knew what was doing this to me. I said I did. It was as if a dark entity was “feeding” off my suffering. She taught me some prayers from her religion and she told me to just do them to be free. I am happy to invoke any positive spirits for good and so I did with appreciation.

After I returned home from the surgery it was as if I was transformed from the inside out. Physically this was true, but it went deeper than that.

I had spent a lot of time in my work invoking dark spirits and ghosts, the leftovers of lives that had been forgotten. They helped me work out the parts of me that I had lost. But this year, I had to evolve or die.

Now my religion is beauty, and my prayers these paintings. Painting flowers is not clever or avant-garde but the colors heal me and the joy of the work gives my life a deeper meaning. I had no idea that manifesting and anchoring beauty to the planet would be so important for humanity in the coming months.

Do your best every day to create, not destroy, and soon, the garden of your life will be blooming with flowers, not ashes from the destructive fires. 🤍

Prints are now available on the shop. I will also for the first time be offering canvas prints, had embellished the same as the prints. I am excited to be offering them as they add another dimension to the work. 

As always, send me a message if you have any questions.

In health and beauty,

- Juliana


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