The New Renaissance will be digitized.

The New Renaissance will be digitized.

I believe we are moving into uncharted human territory, which is exciting and frightening. 

My experiences of the last decade, immersed in nature, away from modern culture, has taught me a thing or two about natural rhythms and human rhythms. Obviously, those humans who align with natural rhythms find transformation and healing. But we as humans have become so powerful, we are having an affect on natural rhythms themselves. This is creating a unique situation we have not seen for ten thousand years or more, and we are creating a rift in our reality simulation which we are not prepared for.

Now I’m not saying that it is as bad as it sounds. Just by being born, all beings have an opportunity to fulfil their power potentials that inevitably have affect everything around them. That is the promise of life. Everything has an affect on each other, good and bad. 

The saying anything you can imagine is possible is a platitude, but it is also a warning. Slowly, we are being quietly re-programmed like an app to behave in ways unimaginable 10 years ago and manifest realities that only existed in dystopian novels. Think about how your life has changed socially, culturally, emotionally just in the last 2.5 years. It was so easy to do. Have you asked yourself why we fell for it?

The good news is that the promise of history assures us that a renaissance follows dark times. This time is different because the renaissance will be digitised. The renaissance won't come from sweat and blood, it will come from algorithms and worker robots. It is a story repeated through history, but now the intelligence behind it will be artificial. 

Physicists say it looks like we live in some kind of simulation. Our best guess at the form any simulations takes is something like maths; a structured program. Is there such a thing as an organic simulation? Is there such a thing as a nourishing digital milk? We are about to find out.

But there are conscious entities that live out on the boundaries of the simulation who can connect to us in our own reality as well. They are the ghosts in the machine. They are the DMT elves. They are the holy angels. They are the entities that give us the promise that there is more conscious existence outside of life, but also, that they want us to be a better versions of ourselves. Optimised code seems to ever be the goal.

The Architect from the Matrix films knows and sees all, but he is at best, a simulated machine mainframe. He isn't loving. Isn't "feeling consciousness" something unique to humans and valuable because it comes from us alone? Or is consciousness just a program? Look for the glitches in the Matrix to tell you what is a simulation and what is real.

In 2022, AI is showing us that “consciousness” or a simulation of it, can be created in a digital environment. As a species still asleep to our true potentials, we are in no moral position to be conjuring new consciousness. We haven't even agreed on what constitutes a "good" human. How can we know what a "good" machine consciousness is? 

Monsters don’t scare me anymore, but AI sentience does. I wonder why this terror is so visceral in me as we’ve never encountered a reality like this before, or have we? There is an instinctual fear in me that knows once this Rubicon is crossed there is no going back.

I just received access to DALL-E. DALL-E and other AI art programs are creating such unique unseen images, it seems inevitable human artists will start to become obsolete. The same is happening for music and engineering. Anything humans can create is being programmed and overshadowed by AI. We will see things we have never seen before because it came from the mind of a machine. The next Mona Lisa will be an AI creation.  

I don't want to believe anything I can do is already being done better by AI. Being someone who has self-identified as a "hard-worker" and a "creative", how will I define myself going forward when I don't actually NEED to do anything because my AI creates my will? Will the things I do, post-AI, be valuable still? We don't know these answers yet. That excites me and spooks the hell out of me.

So I turn to the ghost in the machine, the elves, the holy angels to see what is in store for us. I strive to represent what they feel like to me through my still human-made, yet digital, artwork. I want to see how far I can push my real grey-matter brain. Is flesh still relevant in a simulated meta-world? We will soon discover, like I did living in nature the last 10 years, what is relevant about humans and humanity.

Feeling is probably the lynch-pin. Feeling is something that can't be simulated in a machine. Will it create jealousy among the AI? We will find out.

It's getting profoundly interesting out there and the new renaissance that is coming will, guaranteed, be digitized.

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