We Need Art

We Need Art

I was recently on a visit to a colleague’s new house. He has poured 6 months of passion into creating a unique space to live and play in. He has especially gone all-out on his new movie room. The walls are fully black and covered with posters. All the table surfaces are covered with Lego projects. His huge wall-size tv displays blu-ray quality videos and his sound system transports you (by force) to the world made in the film. We spent 2 solid hours exploring all the magic in this one room focusing on all the toys and films, albums and his intense sound system.


When we exited, I felt like I had a vacation from the fears of the world. I felt refreshed to return to reality. It was the confirmation of the importance of immersing ourselves in the things that give us joy. With the destruction of entertainment businesses over the last year, In one year, I forgot how important just going to see a movie was. We have all forgotten what it is like to get lost in a piece of art at a gallery or in a museum. We forgot what it was like to feel the energy of live music. The biggest issue is we let them do this to us. 


Looking at the world, art is being presented as unimportant background noise. Fear is the dominant force in our world right now. Destruction of our peace of mind and joy of life seems to be the goal. People in fear are easier to control.


FYI, the antidote to destruction is CREATION. Art is the answer! Tapping into our creativity and enjoying the creativity of others is the only road back to our souls. Surrounding ourselves with what we consider beautiful, fun and enchanting is the armor that will protect our hearts and minds during these crazy times.


Explore your creativity. Support those that inspire you. But art from those that excite your mind. Surround yourself with what you consider beauty and you will come through hard times intact and inspired.


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