Winter Blooms

Winter Blooms

Cold is descending on the valley. It is becoming dark as well. We don't actually see the sun until around 10 am. It gets a little harder to wake up in the morning and I go to bed early. It should be a sad time, but it is actually a time to relax.

There was so much color a week ago, but now all the color is gone.

 Inside our house is time for fires, candles and snuggling on the sofa with the dogs. The cats are coming in too and playing all over the furniture. Planning hearty winter meals for us to cook over the next months with the lambs that have returned from slaughter.

Being a farmer and artist, all there is to do now is to plan for next spring. But inside my heart, I am painting flowers.

I feel like there is some kind of blooming going on inside me. I feel like, after years of hiding, I want to share what I am doing with everyone. I am making plans for shows and fairs for next year. I got accepted into the biggest art fair in the US next year so I am hoping to get that confirmed in the next weeks. I was accepted into a show during the Biennale in Venice this year, but the timetable was just too short to get everything down there. A huge accomplishment for me, but then a huge disappointment.

But the paintings are queuing up in my heart. They are like individual beings that see there is a door to this life through me, and they wait in line until I am done with those before them. Right now, flower beings are here to teach me about their world. The law of Nature is to grow.

Winter in the North gives you lots of time to mentally and emotionally digest life. I am looking forward to seeing the paintings as the winter unfolds and the flowers come out.

Have a great day!


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