GHOSTY #cryptoart


There is a freedom that comes with decentralization.
We can become anything we want to be and connect to anyone on the planet because of the freedom we experience from defi culture.


“This is a new way of collecting art that makes a lot of sense in the digital age,” said Max Osiris, an early buyer of NFTs. “The transactions are nearly instant, proof of ownership and provenance are obvious, the market is open 24/7 and there’s no geographical boundaries to who can create or collect art.”
- Coindesk, April 22, 2020

Artists Statement on CryptoArt:

"The digital age is here. There is a ghost in the machine that is a reflection of the spirit within us all. Consciousness evolves inside the living matter and within the machine made to assist Life. The archetypal entities manifest there as well and remind us of the beauty of creation. Beauty is the evidence of the Divine,
even inside the machine." 
Here are a selection of my works, unreleased, until the collection is complete.

All works are sold 1/1 or 1/5 as a 4k digital file that will be blockchain tokenised and buyer will also receive
a signed print of a still frame of the work shipped to their address.
Digital art can be enjoyed on your mobile devices and on your television.
Purchase on Rarible Marketplace.
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