Tattoo Portfolio


Julie Loomer Tattoo Artist

I opened my own tattoo shop in
Telemark, Norway in 2013
to a 9 month customer waiting list.
Largely self-taught as a tattoo artist,
I grew a studio that eventually
has served customers from 13 different countries. 

Here is a small selection of work
done by me.

Wildlife tattoo done on an upper thigh.

Viking/Maori sleeve.


Spiritual Viking raven tattoo.

Dotwork rose painting embroidery tattoo.

Upgrade of an old tribal tattoo.

Watercolor tattoo.

Disney Beauty & the Beast tattoo.

Jewelled mandala design.

Delicate DMT chemical diagram tattoo.

Realistic sailor tattoo.

Tiger cover-up Tattoo.

Colourful phoenix tattoo. 

Classic car tattoo.

Skull hand tattoo.

Tiny rainbow tattoo.

YNWA finger tattoos.

Viking chest piece with dotwork.

Text with roses tattoo.