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Julie Loomer

MELANGEL - Illuminated Spirits Vol.1 - NFT Digital Art Animation

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Illuminated Spirits Vol.1

This mp4 file is 4k and loops for almost 1.5 minutes. With the correct display device it can play continuously. Use for meditation, relaxation and to bring sacred positivity to your digital art space.

Dimensions: 1920 × 1080
Codec: AAC, H.264
Duration: 01:29
Audio: 48hz stereo audio
This is an edition of 5.

You will also receive a digital "print" of the nft you can mount on your wall or place on a bookshelf that plays in its own frame. 

St. Melangel was a woman who in the 7th century was a guardian of a royal forest in Wales and a patron saint of small animals like rabbits. Her story is romantic and haunting. According to tradition, she came from Ireland and lived as a hermit in the LLangynog valley.

The story goes one day Brochwel, Prince of Powys, was hunting and pursued a hare which took refuge under Melangell’s cloak. The Prince’s hounds fled, and he was moved by her courage and sanctity. He gave her the valley as a place of sanctuary, and Melangell became Abbess of a small religious community. When you see the multitude of rabbits that populate the valley, you have a 7th century hermit to thank for them.


All products are digital. The digital NFT is electronic. The "printed" NFT is plastic and electronic.

Shipping & Returns

Transfer of digital file is immediate. Shipping of "printed" NFT will be arranged after NFT sale. Contact us with any quesions.


Dimensions: 3840 x 2160
Codec: AAC, H.264
Duration: 2:55
Audio: 48hz stereo audio
This is a collection of 5

Printed NFT is 7.8 x 5.4"

Beauty is the reason.

One of my favourite quotes:

"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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